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7 seconds, adam alfaro, afi, agent orange, agression, alkaline trio, all hallows eve, bad religion, beavis and butthead, ben gilley, big boys, black flag, black label, bombing, bombing hills, bones brigade, brian brannon, calabrese, chet childress, children of the corn, christian hosoi, clay wheels, common enemy, concrete wave, corey parks, danzig, dawn of the dead, dead boys, dead kennedys, dead milkmen, deathbox, desert pipes, devil's night, dick dale, die hunns, doa, dropkick murphys, duane peters, empty pools, evil dead, explosives, factory 13, fear, frankenstein, friday the 13th, full moon, gbh, ghosts, glenn danzig, government issue, halloween, haunted houses, hightower, horror movies, horror stories, ill repute, independent trucks, jackass, jason voorhees, jawbreaker, jay adams, jello biafra, jfa, joe strummer, joey ramone, johnny ramone, johnny thunders, keith morris, killing joke, leatherface, leftover crack, los olvidados, michael myers, millencolin, minor threat, minutemen, monsters, music, nirvana, nofx, one man army, operation ivy, pet semetary, pete and pete, pipelines, pool skating, psychobilly, punk rock, ragdoll, red hot chili peppers, redemption 87, ren and stimpy, samhain, santa cruz, scary stories, screeching weasel, screw 32, skate rock, skateboarding, social distortion, south park, stephen king, stephen kings it, steve alba, steve olson, steve pingleton, stiff little fingers, suicidal tendencies, surf music, texas chainsaw massacre, the adolescents, the beerleaders, the briefs, the circle jerks, the clash, the cramps, the damned, the dickies, the drunk injuns, the exploding fuckdolls, the faction, the foo fighters, the germs, the goo goo dolls, the groovie ghoulies, the lurkers, the misfits, the nerve agents, the ramones, the ramonetures, the replacements, the stitches, the stooges, the suicide machines, the surf trio, the undead, the unseen, the us bombs, the ventures, thrasher, tiger army, tony alva, tsol, urban legends, vans, vision, x-ray spex, z-boys, zombie movies, zombies